Staff Development & Performance Evaluation Assignment

According to the article Simple Leadership Techniques: Rubrics Checklists and Structured Collaboration on Module 5: Lecture Materials & Resources page schools and districts should institute a simple leadership technology ” a combination of job aids (rubrics checklists) and structured collaboration ” in order to ensure that our best knowledge can be collected broadcast and grown. Please respond substantially to the questions below in APA format: **Use at least 2 references. What are some of the reasons given for the need to use this leadership technology? Describe briefly Benjamins 80/20 principle? How does your experience dovetail with the authors assertion that the education field has attention deficit disorder? To what extent do you use research in your work? How have you used rubrics and checklists? How effective have they been in capturing quality and monitoring implementation? What does structured collaboration mean to you and how do you see it implemented in your organization? In what ways does your organization foster accountability for implementation of research/best practices?

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