According to research, social engineering makes up a majority of successful data

According to research social engineering makes up a majority of successfuldata breaches across the world. However this simple attack vector is often forgotten in cybersecurity for more technical approaches.OSINT and other online tools provide awealth of information about individuals.However this information can be used in unethical and immoral ways as we have seen in social engineering attacks performed by various malicious actors. Part 1: In this assignment useopen source intelligence tools such as the OSINT framework Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest and other social media websites to research a family member.Choose and create two attacks from the list below and include examples. Spear Phishing Attack Phishing attack Whaling Attack Vishing Attack Smishing Attack Note: Do not send the attacks. Part 2: Write a 250- to 500-word reflection discussing the moral and ethical considerations as they relate tocyberstalking from a Christian worldview of human flourishing. What other abusive behaviors can be performed through the tools we have used and why as cybersecurity professionals must we be ever vigilant in our ethical decisions? Examine how the internet is used for cybercrime cyberstalking and other abusive behaviors. Include at least one biblical reference in your response.

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