According to Pericles, what are the benefits of Athenian Democracy that make it

According to Pericles what are the benefits of Athenian Democracy that make it worth saving and what are the duties of the citizens of Athens to keep this system working going forward? Rubric Essay Quiz Guidelines: ⇢ Essay quizzes should be between 300 and 400 words long not including citations restating the question or including name and class identifiers. A double-spaced format is preferred. ⇢ The format should be relatively simple but it should include an opening thesis statement that summarizes the students answer to the prompt. The student should then make sure to provide arguments as to why they took the position that they did. The essay should conclude with a sentenced summarizing their arguments. Students should clearly address the prompt. They do not need to restate the prompt in their answer. While students are encouraged to exercise their freedom of opinion they should strive to be respectful of classmates with opposing viewpoints. ⇢ Students wishing to cite outside sources should formally cite those sources at the end of their essay on a final page by itself. MLA format is preferred. Plagiarism is prohibited. Students should also make sure that quotes from source material should not take up more than 10% of the papers required length.

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