According to Blumer, how should we approach studying society? Please complete th

According to Blumer how should we approach studying society? Please complete this weeks memo based on your reading of Society as Symbolic Action. You may choose a reading of your choice from a different week for the comparison portion of the memo. Your memo should use the QCCQ format. QCCQ refers to quotation concept comparison and question. Quotation A quotation should be a selection of one sentence or a phrase from an assigned reading from the week (Society as Symbolic Action). The quote that you choose should capture one of the key arguments of the reading (Society as Symbolic Action). You should then summarize or restate the quote in your own words. Concept Next you explain the concept or key idea that the quote captures. Comparison Then you make a comparison between the assigned reading and another reading from the class. The comparison could be a discussion of how the two readings are similar or different. Question Lastly you should include a critical thinking question. You will be assessed as follows: Quotation Selection of an appropriate quote (1-2 sentences) from the reading that captures an important concept or the main ideas and an appropriate restatement of the quote (3 points). Concept A clear explanation of the concepts or ideas that the quote captures from the reading (3 points). Comparison An effective and logical comparison with another reading selection (3 points). Question A high-level critical thinking question (1 point). Each memo should be 2 pages double spaced using font size 11 or 12.

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