A simple paragraph consists of 1) a topic sentence, 2) evidence, 3) explication,

A simple paragraph consists of 1) a topic sentence 2) evidence 3) explication and 4) a claim. Your topic sentence introduces what your paragraph is going to discuss. Your evidence provides scholarly support to your paragraph. Explication allows you to clarify the relevance of your evidence to your paragraph and overall paper. And your claim is your argument about what the evidence implies. Students will submit a document including a single well-constructed paragraph that introduces a topic based on the weeks prompt provides evidence with respect to that prompt explicates the relevance of that evidence to the paragraph and makes a claim about the implications of that evidence. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/10/i-am-a-man-with-down-syndrome-and-my-life-is-worth-living/544325/

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