Instructions:1. Download the unit 1 homework assignment worksheet.astron100_unit

Instructions:1. Download the unit 1 homework assignment worksheet.astron100_unit1_HW.docx
2. Complete the homework assignment.Either type your answers under the questions in a different color or bold, or write questions and answers clearly (in different colors), scan, and upload them in the text box.
3. Upload your homework assignment, or copy and paste it in the text box.4. Review the rubric to see how I will grade your assignment.Supporting material to complete this assignment:1. Your completed unit 1 video worksheets2. Read the following lectures [Note: most of your answers will come from the lectures. Use these first.]The History Of Astronomy.ppt
The Scale of the Cosmos.ppt
3. Supplemental ReadingChapter 1:1.1 The Nature of Astronomy
1.2 The Nature of Science
1.3 The Laws of Nature
1.4 Numbers in Astronomy
1.5 Consequences of Light Travel Time
Chapter 2:2.1 The Sky Above
2.2 Ancient Astronomy
2.3 Astrology and Astronomy
2.4 The Birth of Modern Astronomy
Chapter 4: 4.1 Earth and Sky
4.2 The Seasons
4.3 Keeping Time
4.4 The Calendar
Requirements: 300

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