Part 3: Discussion ReflectionThis week’s discussion centers on the Baroque era a

Part 3: Discussion ReflectionThis week’s discussion centers on the Baroque era and the societal upheavals that contributed to the development of the Baroque musical style.Assignment ObjectiveThe weekly Discussion Reflections used within the context of this course are designed to initiate further discussion and expansion on material espoused from your weekly readings. These questions are meant to help gain a more thorough and multifaceted view of the concepts presented within the reading assignments for each week within you text. We will also use these discussion reflections to bring up to date and current concepts that will become more meaningful from the lens of history. Gaining investment in a through meaningful conversation with our fellow classmates will offer a rich and vibrant learning experience for all involved. I hope sincerely that you take these opportunities for meaningful discussion seriously, and enjoy the power of collective thinking, as the Greek’s who came before us created in the great original system of “University”. DirectionsDiscussion Reflection Part 3 for Week 4: Part 3 begins with a very powerful statement that best epitomizes this era in history: “The years between 1600-1750 represent a period of change, adventure, and discovery. The conquest of the New World stirred the imagination and filled the treasuries of Western Europe. Empires clashed for control of the globe. There was appalling poverty and wasteful luxury, magnificent idealism and savage oppression. Baroque art-with its vigor, elaborate decoration, and grandeur-projected the pomp and splendor of the era”. With brutal wars between the Protestant and Catholic religions waging across the globe, incredible advances in science and discovery, and the age of the most wealthy and opulent monarchs the world had ever known in the face of crushing poverty.What parallels can we draw about our own society, and the upheavals that we are experiencing around the globe, the disproportionate distribution of wealth in our society, and the current wars being waged of both ideology, and religious identification?Does our modern music reflect the current state of our society the way that Baroque music represented its own (give examples)? Please respond to this question in your initial post in at least a 200 word answer. Once you have posted your answer, your colleagues answers will become visible, please read their posts and choose two that you would like to reply to in a 70-100 word reply each.
Requirements: 200words minimum for initial post and 70-100 words for replying classmates

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