Allied Health Professionals engage in critical reflection and evidence-based pra

Allied Health Professionals engage in critical reflection and evidence-based practice. That is, they will provide care in a way that is supported by research evidence and appropriate to their clients. Your first assignment requires you to engage with research on an aspect of telehealth and reflect on your in-class experiences of a remote-delivered health scenario. Assignment learning outcomes: Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will have: 1. Critically evaluated research and articles in the field of telehealth. 2. Applied thought out strategies to set up an effective telehealth consultation. 3. Identified the challenges that can be experienced during telehealth consultations. 4. Reflected on your learning experiences to develop insights into learning processes and eHealth knowledge and skills. 5. Critically examined the implications of technology on health and health practice. Details: For this task, you will be required to write a 1000 word reflection about your in-class experiences during Week 3 and your research into telehealth practice to support your response to the question “Based on your experiences and research, is telehealth a viable alternative to face-to-face practice?” Your reflection will include answers to the following questions; 1. Is telehealth effective? What does the research evidence say? 2. Describe how you approached the tasks and what challenges you faced. 3. Integrating your personal experience with your research, explain whether telehealth is a viable alternative to face-to-face practice. Please format your assignment with the above questions as headings. The assignment should be submitted via Canvas by 11:59pm, Friday 10th September, 2021 (Week 5).HS
Requirements: 1000

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