review the author’s application of the paradigm to their social problem. How mig

review the author’s application of the paradigm to their social problem. How might another paradigm approach the same topic? Explain your reasoning. How, if at all, would that change the variables relevant to the topic of study? What would you include/remove? Why? Feel free to ask questions to your classmates, too! write about7-8 sentences paragraph. the lecture about the feminist theory, inductive, deductive Research, traditional Research Methods. 1- Luis : A social problem I would like to research would be poverty. Poverty is prevalent in every country, and many are included in this social problem. By using the Structural Functionalism paradigm, I would research how poverty actually functions in society as an organism. I would look at the broader picture and pinpoint exactly why poverty is necessary in our societal organism. The main variables in my study would be all the financial classes. This is because in my research I would try to remove poverty in a functioning society and see how this affects society and the side effects of it. As for important variables, I would say jobs, jobs are extremely important because that is what makes our society function as well as grant a source of income. Some jobs are necessary for society to function and if those jobs don’t have workers, those jobs will crumble. write a reply here …. 2- Stephennie : Hi Everyone!My name is Stephennie, but I prefer to be called Steph! One thing I want to learn from this course is the appreciation of aging. Many of us are scared to age, are afraid of getting our first gray hair or getting wrinkles, but I know it comes with life, and it is something I wish more of us would appreciate. I am majoring in Sociology, and this is my last year here; I am interested in working with children and older people, so this course would be useful to my career. I was able to connect with seeing that the “old” age is considered 65, which is probably why it is when would start to retire. Something that raised a question for me is how men and females have different life spans even when being born in the same year! I would want to know if this also applies for people being born on the same year and are the same race. write reply… write about 4-5 sentences paragraphs
Requirements: 7-8 sentence paragraphs

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