You’ve probably heard it said, “History is always changing” and, sure, there’s c

You’ve probably heard it said, “History is always changing” and, sure, there’s constantly new information being discovered. But perhaps it’s also because our values and how we see the world is always changing. Christopher Columbus, for instance, was once revered as “the great explorer who discovered America.” We now regard him as a brutal guy who was wrong about almost everything and, in fact, we’re taking away his holiday and changing it to Indigenous Peoples Day. This video examines our love/hate relationship with Christopher Columbus but challenges the more contemporary view of Columbus as a barbarian and a fool suggesting this is too dismissive and the truth might lie somewhere in between. VideoAfter watching the video below, submit an informal response in the reply box below that addresses the following three criteria:Provide some examples of what he says about Columbus that contrasts with what you’ve been taught.
Mention some examples that stood out to you suggesting the more contemporary narrative of Columbus simply being a monster and an idiot might be inaccurate.
Discuss what he is saying, generally, about how we should examine history.
Also, feel free to mention whether or not you liked the presentation and found it interesting or not. I will send you two other responses to respond to.*RUBRIC IS ATTACHED! AIM FOR A 10*
Requirements: as much needed

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