Section Two; Socio-cultural Analysis: Your organization has reviewed your countr

Section Two; Socio-cultural Analysis: Your organization has reviewed your country study and has decided to go with your recommendation for their initial international expansion.A complete a socio-cultural analysis needs to be completed to determine the entry strategy, financing, human resource needs, suppliers, marketing, pricing and distribution, and organizational structure. Assignment Criteria: Write a report (2 – 4 pages, font 12) outlining the socio-cultural factors and discuss any cross-cultural issues that will need to be considered, addressed and understood into for a successful international expansion. You need to use at least three outside sources to complete this assignment.PLEASE remember to cite all your sources; proper citation of your sources is a requirement for this course. Please support all recommendations with sound reasoning and research. Your report needs to include but not limited to: Demographic TrendsPopulation growth
Age structure & median age
Life expectancy
Cultural AnalysisLanguage
Customs and Norms
Social InstitutionsWhere does the country lie within Hofstede’s dimensions
Family structure
Religious structure
Labor organizations
Informal Trade BarriersBarriers that are created by social and cultural factors
Communication styles
Negotiating tactics
Marketing concerns
Ethical concernsEmployment practices
Human rights
Business practices
Requirements: 2 – 4 pages

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